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    What Are the Most Common Reasons People Are Arrested?

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Getting arrested is never a pleasant experience. Unfortunately, there are a great number of situations in which you could suddenly find yourself behind bars. While hiring a bail bondsman will significantly ease the process of getting arrested, it is best that preventative measures are taken before you find yourself in the hands of a policeman. Being aware of the most common reasons why people are arrested is one way that you can avoid landing in jail:

    Driving Under the Influence

    Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is one of the most prevalent causes of arrest in the country. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 40 percent of all fatal automobile accidents are the result of driving while intoxicated. While DUI laws vary from state to state, driving under the influence is not to be taken lightly due to the potential damage it can cause.

    Violating Drug Related Laws

    Whether you purchase, sell, or manufacture illegal drugs, you are subject to jail time. Drug abuse violations make up a large percentage of arrests in the country, and the statistics continue to increase. Simply being found in possession of illicit drugs, such as marijuana, heroin, or cocaine, is grounds for arrest.

    Committing Property Crimes

    Property crimes refer to a large branch of criminal activity that includes theft and arson. Larceny-theft accounts for the majority of property crimes that are committed today. If you are found unlawfully taking something away from the property of another individual, you may face charges that lead to an arrest.

    Assaulting an Individual

    Assaults are divided into two categories: simple assault and aggravated assault. A simple assault could arise out of an unexpected brawl in which no weapon is used, but people attack one another. Forms of threat and even stalking are considered a simple assault. Aggravated assaults, on the other hand, are more severely punishable as they occur when an individual attacks someone with the express purpose of hurting them, often with a weapon.

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    Understanding Miranda Rights

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Experiencing an arrest can be traumatic if you are unaware of your rights. Before the panic sets in, you should remain calm and remember that you are entitled to what is known as Miranda Rights. These valuable rights must be recited to you by the police officer who arrests you. You are most likely familiar with its proverbial opening: “You have the right to remain silent.” Continue reading to better understand how these words can protect you even in the midst of an arrest:

    What Is It?

    The Miranda Rights were first established in 1966 after a Supreme Court case ruling on Miranda V. Arizona found that the Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights of Ernesto Arturo Miranda had been breached. It is the responsibility of police officers today to recite what is known as a Miranda Warning to arrestees. This warning ensures that you understand that anything you say as a criminal suspect can be used in a court of law.

    How Does It Work?

    After reading the Miranda Warning to you, the police officer will ask you to confirm whether you understand your rights. At this point, you will have the option of waiving your rights or asking for an attorney to be present. By appointing an attorney to be at your side, you significantly reduce your chances of self-incrimination. You may “plead the fifth” if you initially chose to waive your rights, but would like to have an attorney present after all.

    Why Is It Important?

    Miranda Rights are extremely important as they can make all the difference in whether or not you are granted a fair trial. Since any statement you make can be used as evidence against you in court, you should not feel pressured into speaking if you choose not to. If your Miranda Rights are seen as having been violated, the court may throw out any statement you made with the police officer.

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    The Basics of Criminal Law

    Last updated 5 years ago

    The legal process can seem overwhelming to navigate unless you have some understanding of criminal law.

    In this video, you’ll get a straightforward overview on the basic elements of criminal law. Crimes refer to any conduct that is considered an illegal activity or offense by the state, made punishable through sanctions such as fines and imprisonment. Statutes, which describe the type of conduct that constitutes a crime, are written by federal, state, and local government legislatures. In most states, crimes are labeled by their severity, from felonies to misdemeanors and finally infractions.

    It is important to remember that every individual facing arrest is entitled to fundamental rights. Contact the experts at 24 Seven Bail Bonds for fast and effective bail bond services in New Jersey. You can reach one of our three convenient locations by calling (732) 418-2245.

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    Last updated 5 years ago

    Arrest can happen to anyone, which is why knowing what to do if you’re arrested is so important. These articles explain what to expect when you’re incarcerated and how a bail bondsman can help in the event of your arrest.

    If you get arrested, don’t forget that you have rights. The American Civil Liberties Union discusses your Miranda rights.

    No matter the circumstances surrounding your arrest, it’s to your benefit to act civilly if you are arrested. explains how you should behave in the event of an arrest.

    What is a bail bond? explains what this legal term means.

    The American Bar Association reveals what you can expect when you go before a judge to have your bail set.

    The amount of your bail depends on a variety of factors, including the nature of your crime and any prior convictions. breaks down what determines the cost of jail bail.

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    Sharpen Your Legal Knowledge with This Handy App

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Are you wondering what you should do if you get arrested? The Ninja Lawyer application from EA Ventures, LLC can provide you with expert legal advice at the touch of a screen.

    The Ninja Lawyer app offers comprehensive information pertaining to virtually any legal scenario, including DUIs, drug possession, and other incidents that may result in arrest. No matter where you live, Ninja Lawyer can provide the most current information on all state laws so that you always know what your rights are. So between that crucial period when you get arrested but have yet to speak with an attorney, the Ninja lawyer app can make sure that you know what to do to protect your freedom and future.

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