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    A Look at Different Types of Bail

    Last updated 5 years ago

    After an initial arrest, it can take months or even years before a case goes to trial. The court system recognizes that this waiting period can create an undue hardship on the defendant and his or her family. That’s why, in many cases, a defendant can secure release by posting bail. A defendant is typically required to post cash bail, pledge property, or utilize a bail bondsman in order to be released from jail.

    Cash Bail   
    As the name suggests, a cash bail requires the defendant to pay the full bail amount in cash. A judge determines what this cash value should be by considering the nature of the alleged crime and the defendant’s personal and criminal history. If a cash bail is set, a member of the defendant’s family or a friend can also post this full bail amount on behalf of the defendant.

    Property Bond
    In many cases, defendants are unable to afford the full amount of their set bail. Sometimes, the court allows defendants to post property, such as a house, as collateral against the bail. This means that if the defendant doesn’t make it to his or her next court appearance, the court has a legal right to foreclose on the property that was pledged as a bond. 

    Surety Bond
    A surety bond involves a third party known as a bail bondsman posting the value of the bond. A surety company pledges to pay the full amount of the bond if the defendant fails to appear in court. This process is useful for defendants who are unable to post the entire amount of their set bail in cash. Bail agents typically charge a 10% premium and require some sort of asset, such as jewelry or property, to be pledged as collateral.

    24 Seven Bail Bonds can help you learn more about posting bail in New Jersey. We treat each of our clients with respect and courtesy as we help them navigate the criminal justice system. You can reach us at (732) 418-2245. 

    The History of Miranda Rights

    Last updated 5 years ago

    In 1966, the Supreme Court forever changed the police interrogation process when they decided on the case of Miranda v. Arizona. Ernesto Miranda confessed to kidnapping in Arizona after hours of interrogation in which he was unaware of his right to remain silent. According to the Supreme Court’s decision, the confession was inadmissible because police failed to inform him of this right.

    This video explains what police are required to say to a defendant according to the Miranda v. Arizona decision. Not only does an officer have to state that a defendant has the right to remain silent, but he or she also needs to explain that anything said could be used against the defendant in court. In some states, police are required to ask if the defendant understands these rights before proceeding with questioning.

    24 Seven Bail Bonds can help you post bail for a loved one facing criminal charges in New Jersey. Give us a call today at (732) 418-2245 to learn more.

    Confused by the bail bond process? Check out this video!

    Last updated 5 years ago

    If you're feeling confused by the bail bond process, check out this helpful video from If you’re looking for a reliable and informative bail bond agency in the New Jersey area, contact 24 Seven Bail Bonds at (732) 418-2245. We have three convenient locations available to serve you.

    The Benefits of Preparing for a Trial Outside of Jail

    Last updated 5 years ago

    If you have been charged with a crime at an arraignment hearing, the judge likely set a bail amount that would allow you to be released from jail until after a trial. This process may seem complex, but buying extra time to get ready for your hearings can be invaluable. Here are some of the various benefits of preparing for trial while out on bail.

    Greater Access to Your Attorney

    Your criminal defense attorney will visit you in jail throughout the pre-trial process, but being able to visit your attorney in an office setting can be invaluable. While out on bail, you will have the ability to search for the relevant documents and witnesses that can help your case at trial. Furthermore, consistent access to your lawyer will help him or her formulate a strategy and collect the best possible evidence.

    Spend Time With Family

    If there is a possibility that you will face incarceration following your trial, the ability to spend with your family becomes all the more valuable. Getting out of jail on bail allows you to enjoy life and be there for your children or spouse during the months leading to trial. Any administrative delays in your pretrial process will further lengthen your time at home.

    Prepare For Testimony

    Another benefit of leaving jail is the freedom to prepare for trial in a stress-free environment. Without the rigors of life in a penitentiary, you can read all the relevant evidence and work with your attorney to prepare for your eventual testimony. You can run through practice questions and possible scenarios before stepping in front of a judge.    

    Do not underestimate the positive effects of leaving jail to prepare for trial. This choice can have lasting positive consequences and can strengthen your defense case. If you live in New Jersey and are considering posting bail for yourself or a loved one, call (732) 418-2245 to speak to the skilled staff at 24 Seven Bail Bonds. We can help explain how the bond process works and how to get the appropriate paperwork to ensure the release. 

    Download the FREE 24 Seven Bail Bonds App on iTunes and Android

    Last updated 5 years ago

    This is the official app for 24 Seven Bail Bonds. Install our app before you need a bondsman. When you install our app make sure you put your information in the panic button so in the event you are arrested you can send us your information with one touch and we will start the bonding process for you. Some of the other great features include anonymous tips, one touch calling, in app texting, GPS directions to our office, all the jails in the state, most wanted and you can search for sex offenders in your area. There is very useful information that include your rights, the Constitution, Bond FAQ’s and a legal glossary to keep you informed.

    Download the 24 Seven Bail app by clicking here.

    To learn more about the criminal defense system and how a bail bondsman can help you get out of jail quickly, call 24 Seven Bail Bonds today at (732) 418-2245. No matter what crime you have been charged with, New Jersey law guarantees that you can bail out of jail. 

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