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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Being Arrested

Last updated 5 years ago

Even if you are innocent, you need to cooperate with the police during questioning or an arrest. If you are driving and see a police officer signaling for you to pull over, you need to comply and respectfully communicate with the officer. However, it’s important to keep in mind that being respectful doesn’t mean that you need to answer all of the police officer’s questions or agree to warrantless searches of your property. Here are a few mistakes to avoid when being arrested:

Arguing with Police
Even though you shouldn’t argue with the police, you do have the right to remain silent. This means that you won’t be punished for declining to answer a police officer’s questions. In many cases, it can be highly beneficial to remain silent until you speak to an attorney. In order to invoke your right of silence, you need to explicitly state you are observing your Miranda rights.

Resisting Arrest
Police are legally permitted to “pat down” your clothing if they suspect you are carrying a weapon. While you shouldn’t physically resist this search, you don’t have to consent to further search of your property or car. Threatening police, assaulting an officer, or resisting arrest can all lead to additional charges. Furthermore, these actions can be used against you during trial or when the judge sets your bail.

Allowing Police to Enter Your Home
In some cases, police may come to your home and ask for permission to come inside and talk to you. Unless he or she has a warrant, you are not legally required to let an officer inside. If a police officer does have a warrant, he or she is only allowed to enter the address on the warrant and to only search the areas of your home listed on the warrant. 

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