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How to Avoid Being Your Own Worst Enemy when Facing Arrest

Last updated 5 years ago

Anyone can make a mistake and end up on the wrong side of the law in an instant. If you are arrested and taken to jail, consider enlisting the help of a licensed bail bondsman to get you out of jail as quickly as possible. Before you get to jail, you will have to face the police while you are arrested. In such a stressful time, it is important to remember that how you behave while you are interacting with police officers can affect the way you are treated. You could either be your own best ally or your own worst enemy, so keep reading to learn how you can help yourself when you are facing arrest. 

Be Polite: If you are being questioned by the police, it is in your best interest to be polite and act as courteously as possible. Be respectful and cooperative so that the police officers treat you fairly. Any disrespectful or threatening behavior on your part can escalate the situation, so remain calm.

Do Not Run Away: Even if you have done nothing wrong, running away from the police makes you look suspicious and will result in you being chased down by the officers. It is better to remain in one place and let the police come to you rather than resist arrest.

Keep Your Hands Visible: Whether or not you are armed, it is essential to leave your hands in plain sight when you are facing arrest. A police officer could misinterpret the action of reaching into your pocket as a threat, which would not bode well for your situation.

Do Not Touch the Police: It is important to never initiate physical contact of any kind with a police offer. No matter how well-intentioned you may be, touching a police officer is a very bad idea.

If you end up under arrest, you’ll need a licensed bail bondsman to get you out of jail quickly. 24 Seven Bail Bonds of NJ has experience getting people out of jail no matter how much the bail is. Call us at (732) 418-2245 to learn more about how we can help you.


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