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Understanding Your Rights When Approached by an Officer of the Law

Last updated 6 years ago

Police officers are trained and legally obligated to keep citizens safe from harm. When a police officer approaches you, it’s always a good idea to cooperate and comply with reasonable instructions; however, you should know how to exercise your rights in order to avoid unfounded arrest and the need for a bail bondsman

Remaining Silent

If you are pulled over or otherwise questioned by a police officer, you are under no obligation to answer questions that could potentially incriminate you. Beyond politely providing your name and requested identification, your best bet is likely to remain silent. All you have to do is announce to the officer that you would rather not answer any more questions. If he does not have the grounds to arrest you, he will likely back down.

Refusing Searches

Since police officers represent authority, you may be tempted to do whatever they ask of you. When an officer asks to see inside your trunk, for example, your first instinct may be to comply. However, you have the right to refuse searches of your body, vehicle, or home if the officer doesn’t have a warrant or if no evidence of illegal activities is in plain sight.

Asking Permission to Leave

Most of the time, speaking with a police officer is completely voluntary—it’s only when you’re being detained that you’re required to stay. If you believe a police encounter is being drawn out unnecessarily, you should ask the officer if you are being detained or if you’re free to go.  

Getting Arrested

Once an officer places you under arrest, you shouldn’t resist in any way. Your poor behavior and circumstances of arrest could be used to convict you in a court of law. If it truly is a wrongful arrest, you, a judge, and your lawyer will sort it out later.

Soon after an arrest, a judge will set an amount for bail. If this amount is too much for your friends or family members to cover, they should contact 24 Seven Bail Bonds. We’ll help you make bail so you don’t have to endure jail for a minute longer than necessary. Call us today at (732) 418-2245 for more information about bail bonds. 


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