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The Importance of Your Appearance at Each and Every Court Date

Last updated 6 years ago

Proving your innocence or another person’s guilt may at times depend on more than merely the facts of the case. Though both judge and jury are to remain impartial during a court proceeding, many are inadvertently swayed by the appearance of the plaintiff or defendant. Therefore, it is vital that you carefully construct your image from the moment you post jail bail to ensure the greatest possibility of a favorable court verdict.
  • Dress for the Occasion
If you are the defendant in a DUI case, don’t show up in clothing better suited to a college fraternity party. Legal experts report that an overwhelming number of individuals show up to their court cases in wildly inappropriate clothing. Though it is explicitly stated that they are to be judged only on circumstances relating to the case itself, it is implicitly believed that both the plaintiff and defendant are assessed on their appearance as well.
  • Dress to Prove Your Point
When suing your former spouse for alimony, it may be best to leave the couture attire at home. If you are pleading your case for child custody, make sure that you are dressed neatly without wrinkled or soiled clothing. If you want full responsibility for your children, you must prove that you can care take of yourself as well. If you are requesting financial support, don’t dress like you have money to spare. Though perhaps unfair, the visible impression you make on the judge and jury can significantly impact the final decision made in court.
  • Dress with Respect for the Court
Above all else, remember that you are entering a court of law. Given that you are to address the judge as “Your Honor,” a good rule to follow is to treat the entire legal procedure with respect and honor. By adhering to this guideline and dressing appropriately in court, the judicial scales may tip in your favor.
Once you are bailed out of jail, it is important to take intelligent legal steps, including dressing appropriately for court. 24 Seven Bail Bonds serves individuals living in New Jersey. If you require the services of an expert bail bondsman, contact us at (732) 418-2245.


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