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How the Court Sets Bail Figures

Last updated 6 years ago

If you’ve been accused of a crime and are waiting to be tried, you may be held in prison until you provide collateral in the form of bail. There’s no one set way that the court or your judge sets bail; it’s dependent upon a number of different factors. 

Bail Schedules

In some areas of the country, especially more populous ones, bail is typically determined by what’s known as a bail schedule. A bail schedule is a set of predetermined amounts of bail according to the type and severity of the crime. Having a bail schedule means that a judge or another court official can process you quickly, especially for more minor crimes.

Severity of the Crime

Even in a court system with a bail schedule, not all bail will be set formulaically. If you are accused of committing a very serious crime, then a judge is expected to determine how much bail is appropriate according to specific details of your case. Generally speaking, the more violent a crime or the more people it’s thought to have victimized, the more bail will be charged. Someone pulled over on his first DUI may have his bail set for a low amount while still at the police station. However, someone suspected of committing murder will almost certainly be held for the night and have his bail set at a very high amount.

Ties to the Community

Generally speaking, the more closely tied you are to the community in which you were arrested, the more likely you are to be either given a low bail amount or released without bail. If your crime was extremely minor and you live and work in the county in which you were arrested, then you may be released on your own recognizance; you have good reason to return to court because you don’t want this damaging your place in the community, so the court doesn’t need to waste resources holding you. But the fewer ties you have to a community and the more serious the crime is, then the more likely you are to be held without bail or to be required to pay a higher bail.

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