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What You Can And Can't Do While On Bail

Last updated 6 years ago

Though you won’t be able to escape the consequences of arrest, you can get away from jail for a little while by posting bail. However, you must follow the rules. Here’s a brief guide to what you can and can’t do while on bail. 


You Can:

Go Home

When you get arrested for a crime you get booked and then placed in a jail cell. Your bail amount is then set based on the severity of your crime. If you or a loved one can come up with the money—whether by cash or with the help of a bail bond—you can go home and be with your family.  

Get Your Money Back

The bail amount is basically a form of collateral that allows temporary freedom, provided that you show up at your court date. Once the court proceedings are over and you accept your sentence, the bail money is then returned to you, your loved one, or the bail bond agency.

You Can’t:

Miss Your Court Date

While posting bail might seem like a great way to gain freedom, you’ll still have to face the consequences of your crime. If you don’t show up for your court date, the bail money will be forfeit and “failure to appear in court” will be added to your charges.   

Skip Town

Once you get out of your jail cell with your health and your freedom, it may be tempting to leave. You’ll be surprised by how long the arm of the law is—if you flee, you will likely be hunted down by bounty hunters and forced to face much worse consequences.

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