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A Guide To Posting Bail In New Jersey

Last updated 7 years ago

Posting bail in New Jersey isn’t particularly difficult as long as you understand the process, know your rights, and have access to a reputable bail bondsman. To learn more about posting bail in New Jersey, read on:

Your Basic Rights

In the state of New Jersey, these are a defendant’s basic rights when it comes to bail:

  • Every person has the right to be considered for bail.
  • The court has exactly half a day to set that bail.
  • The court can deny you bail if it has a compelling reason to do so.
  • The amount of your bail and what you are allowed to do while on bail are not set in stone.
  • If you give the court a compelling reason, then they can revoke your bail, increase the amount that must be paid, strip you of privileges, etc.

The Bail Process

Twelve hours may seem like a long time to wait to be allowed out on bail, but it’s actually remarkably swift considering all the work that must be done during that time. Your judge will rule on your bail based upon an investigation into your mental state, previous convictions, and place in the community. That investigation is conducted during a single half of a day.

The Bail Bondsman

You can pay your bail yourself, but a better course of action is to have a bail bondsman do so for you. Once your bail has been set, a bail bondsman can navigate the necessary paperwork and get you out of there. Not only does the bail bond agent offer expertise, but he also provides you with a winning financial proposition: If you were to put up your own money for bail, then you would not see that money again until well after the trial was over. If you were to go through a bail bond agent, however, then you would have to pay a fee but your cash won’t be tied up for months on end.

If you or a loved one is being held in prison and you require the assistance of an experienced and trustworthy bail bond agent, call 24 Seven Bail Bonds at (732) 418-2245. At 24 Seven Bail Bonds, our clients come first. Every client is treated with courtesy and is guaranteed effective representation. Our expertise and integrity have earned us a reputation as one of New Jersey's 24 hour premier Bail Bond Companies. Contact us today!


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