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The History of Bail Bondsmen

Last updated 7 years ago

In many modern shows and movies, bail bondsmen are portrayed as no-nonsense individuals who will stop at nothing to protect their jail bail bond investments.

In reality, however, bail bondsmen are often businessmen who are simply trying to make a living and who are also interested in protecting their investments.

But how did this profession get started?

The Middle Ages

Bail bondsmen have existed in some form since the Middle Ages. Until the year 1275 England’s area sheriffs were able to determine the rules and restrictions of a bond, which resulted in a large amount of individual power. However, in 1275 the Statue of Westminster was passed and a list of crimes for which bail could be provided was created. Unfortunately, this sheriffs’ continued abuse of power was not swayed until1628, when the government declared that anyone arrested had to know what crime they were being accused of.


The bail bondsman position has existed in America since the day our country was founded. Today, bail bondsmen can front bail for someone who is waiting for their trial, but who can’t afford the bail on their own. A bail bondsman also helps to make bail more affordable for those who are accused of crimes and who are short on funds.

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